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Tornado Fatalities in Saskatchewan 1898 to 1979 (Map Graphic)

Keep in mind when looking at this chart that Saskatchewan's population peaked just before the "Dirty Thirties" and a large percentage was rural at that time. The population largely moved into the cities after this long period of drought. Amazingly, the number of fatalities was approximately 70 from 1898 to 1935 and only 10 from 1936 to present day.

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Major Update To Canadian Prairie Storms

As storm season continues to get closer here in Regina and predictions for one of the busiest years ever coming true down south, I thought it was high time to bring back some old and update the new storm links on this blog. I've brought some old pages from the previous site over incuding history, education, fatalities graphic and my first close encounter with a very dangerous tornadic storm. As well I've made dedicated pages to storm data and discussion. You can find everything in the side bar. You may have to switch back from dynamic format to the regular site by clicking here. Otherwise the links are as such:
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Tornado Fatalities in Saskatchewan 1898 to 1979
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